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      People have to first be given tools and the opportunity to develop mastery through practice and encouragement with less provocative situations.  After you have learned and developed a personal history of success with these preparatory techniques you are well equipped to boldly confront your past and no longer have it define the rest of your life!"


‚Äč       "After years of experience and training discovering what works for my patients I have developed my own approach that I call Effectiveness Therapy.  There is an optional therapy companion book, The POWER of Effectiveness Therapy, which is available for use with the Kindle app on your phone, tablet, or computer.  This companion book was on the Huffington Post Recommended Reading List for October of 2017, and helps anyone discover their strengths, teaches you quickly how to use my simple coping skills package, and enhances your quality of life.  Whatever the symptoms, and personal history, the conditions are limited and solutions are often similar.  When my patients challenge their fears at their own pace their lives improve and I often hear them say, "why have I let that control so much of my life?"  The answer is that they weren't ready or hadn't found the right therapist.  You can be free of your fears!

       I have seen many people who have histories of severe abuse and previous treatment has had them go back and relive those    overwhelmingly terrifying experiences.  The Hippocratic Oath says, "First do no harm."  I believe that those who wish to redress childhood trauma need effective preparation prior to that undertaking or they may become just as overwhelmed today as they were then.  You can get significant benefits by just evaluating the beliefs that you developed in response to these events and how they effect your life today.  

David Ellis, MA, LPC, LAC is a licensed psychotherapist as well as a licensed addictions counselor who has served the Denver metro area since 1978.  He started his career in 1972 as a psychiatric aid in a private adolescent mental health, drug treatment, and research facility in Dallas.  He received his Bachelors' degree from SMU in 1976.  David completed his Masters' in Counseling Psychology from UNC, Greeley in 1981 while working full time as the assistant director of the psychology department at a large multicultural correctional facility in downtown Denver.  He has since attended the PhD program at NorthCentral University in Prescott AZ, and has continued his studies with an emphasis on trauma recovery, emotional

development, creating healthy relationships, and neurological issues as they effect children, teens, and adults.  David is currently preparing a workshop and a book to teach other therapists how to use his new approach in helping their patients thrive.  They will learn new attitudes and skills unique to Effectiveness Therapy to become more effective at creating the quality of life they deserve.

David has worked in community mental health centers in the metro area since 1981, serving adults, children, teens, families, and couples in individual, family, and group therapy settings.  He started in private practice in 1998.  David is the father of two children, has two step-children, and is the grandfather of four, one of whom is a special needs child.  We invite you to email (which avoids phone tag), use the booking feature tab at the top of the page, or call for an appointment today!  Most insurance and CHP+ for children is accepted; a sliding fee scale is available for those without insurance.   Payments can be made by check, cash, HSA card, or Discover, Visa/MasterCard.


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